Hi. I’m Dr. Camille Cowne

I am a Board Certified ER Physician, Certified Headache Specialist and Functional medicine doctor. I am Certified in Bio identical hormone therapy and Aesthetic Medicine as well as a lifelong chronic migraine sufferer

As a former Navy doctor and Board Certified ER doctor who has spent over 15 years practicing traditional medicine, I began to notice a trend. Americans are sick….and getting sicker. And traditional western medicine doesn’t seem to be helping them. Sure, some patients get better with prescription medications, but most are just picking up more and more prescriptions as they go through life. And many still do not feel great.

After going through health problems myself, I began to notice the cracks in the system and the one size fits all medicine, that does not truly fit all sizes. After suffering with chronic daily migraine for more than 5 years, I had to do my own research. I became passionate about helping migraine sufferers and got certified in headache medicine. I love to help headache and migraine sufferers any way that I can, and this can include botox, nerve blocks, pharmaceuticals as well as nutritional support, natural supplements and IV nutrient therapies.

I started treating patients with bio identical hormones and patients felt a lot better! Patients had improved energy levels, weight loss, and improved mood. Pain, eczema and autoimmune symptoms improved with dietary changes and IV nutrient therapy.

I believe in treating the whole patient. I believe that people are unique individuals and that our bodies need to be treated as a whole unit not individual parts. I believe that pharmaceuticals can have a role in helping people but so does a healthy diet, vitamins, supplements, bio identical hormones and good sleep. I also believe that most of us want to look as good as we feel and that can include weight loss, skin care, botox, fillers, hair restoration and other aesthetic treatments.  I treat my patients how I want to be treated.  And I want to Look Good and Feel Good.  And you can too!

Look Good Feel Good.

Why wait? Come see me for a consultation.