Hi. I’m Dr. Camille Cowne

A Board Certified ER Physician, Certified Hormone Specialist, certified in Aesthetic Medicine And a Lifelong Chronic Migraine Sufferer

After treating Headaches and Migraines in the ER For more than a decade, I began to notice that many patients Migraines were not treated effectively by their primary care doctors and other specialists, leaving them desperate and filtering into ER’s and Urgent Cares for acute treatment.

As a migraine patient myself, I felt dissatisfied with the
current model of health care and found some serious

  • Many primary doctors lack knowledge or understanding on how to start prophylaxis treatment.
  • Botox for migraines is currently only administered by neurologists with a very narrow one size fits all treatment regimen without attention to aesthetic results.
  • Hormonal changes, such as with child birth or the onset of menopause, are significant triggers for migraines and are almost completely ignored by traditional practitioners.

The current health care model left me frustrated and having to go from one doctor to another for my care. My primary doctor for prophylactic treatment, my neurologist for botox that was not aesthetically pleasing, an integrative doctor for hormone treatment, and finally to the ER for uncontrolled migraines. I knew there had to be a better way.


I offer comprehensive and custom tailored treatment for ALL of your headache and migraine needs

Urgent Same Day In-Home Treatment with IV therapy used in ER's throughout America.

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