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The fact is that almost everyone today has micronutrient deficiencies due to decreasing nutrition from our foods, our soil, and decreased absorption from our poor gut health. Extensive current research shows the health benefits of IV vitamin treatments to keep you healthy and well. Oral vitamins are not standardized and there can be a lot of extra ingredients and preservatives in these vitamins that are not good for you. Over 50% of these vitamins just pass through your system and are not absorbed. But when vitamins and fluids are given via IV, they are absorbed with 100% efficiency. That is why you start feeling the effects immediately.

IV therapy can be helpful in a variety of situations including high dose Vitamin C and other vitamins to boost your immunity before or during acute illness, support for chronic and autoimmune illnesses, detoxification, and acute abortive therapy for migraines.


Give yourself the gift of health.  Check out our IV therapy menu.


Specialized medications used throughout ER’s in the US. Skip the ER wait and be seen by a board certified ER doctor and certified headache specialist

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Hangover Remedy

Anyone can overindulge on occasion. With a full liter of fluids as well as vitamins and symptom relief for headache, nausea and heart burn, this

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Fortify your hair and nails and get glowing skin Loaded with Vitamin C and B vitamins.  Essential for skin and hair health

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Get up and Go

Burn fat, feel energized and boost your metabolism. Packed with B vitamins and amino acids which are the building blocks of your cell and mobilize

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Boost your immune system to stay well or get well faster! Get ready for the Cold and Flu season with this immune-boosting blend! Vitamin C,

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Meyers Cocktail

This is the Gold Standard for overall wellness. Developed by Dr. John Meyers, this blend has been in use for over 50 years with demonstrated

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Stomach Flu Symptoms

Flu symptoms got you down? Having fatigue, nausea, vomiting or body aches? Our IV specially formulated for flu symptoms has medications to help you with

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Most people are not properly hydrated. If you are feeling depleted or dehydrated, get refreshed with the Hydration IV.

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Need a quick pick me up? Pressed for time? B12 is best absorbed by an intramuscular injection. You can be in and out in about

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The master detoxifier. Get your liver working again and detoxify your body. Can be given alone or added on to other treatments

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The Ultimate Anti Aging drip Nicontinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is an essential coenzyme and declines with aging. It helps in cellular and DNA repair. Improves mood,

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Jet Lag

Stomach Flu Symptoms

Energy Boost

Headache / Migraine

Immune Support

Meyers Cocktail


Super Vitamin B Shot

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it Work?

We make this quick and easy. Pick out your IV online. Call or schedule your appointment online and enter your billing information. Fill out a short medical questionnaire and have a brief telemedicine consult with one of our providers. Then sit back and relax until your medical team member arrives.

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance. We strive to keep our IV’s reasonably priced and many will find that this service will cost less than your copay in an urgent care or Emergency Room. Many people may be able to use their HSA or flex spending account.

Do you provide IV’s to events or party’s?

Yes. Contact us to discuss how we can make your next event a hit.

How long does it take to get an IV?

We strive to have our providers to you within 2 hours if possible. This may take longer for bigger events. Try to schedule ahead of time when possible. Most IV services will take less than one hour.

Where can I have my IV?

We can deliver your IV wherever you would like within the San Diego area. Whether it is to your bed at home, hotel, office space, special event or party, we can be there

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. Please contact us to get our discounted pricing for small or large groups.

Who can get an IV?

Unfortunately we cannot give IV’s or other treatments to people under the age of 18. There may be other medical conditions that would be an exclusion. If you are pregnant, or over the age of 65 we require a brief tele medicine consult with our board certified ER physician prior to scheduling your service.

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