Skin Care and Aesthetics

Dr. Camille is certified in aesthetic medicine and performs a host of aesthetic treatments to get you looking your best.


  • neuromodulators such as botox have now been used safely for more than a decade to soften wrinkles. Also, used extensively for medicinal purposes including migraines and trigger point injections.
  • Botox can be used for migraine prevention using the same protocol used by neurologists
  • Botox can also be used In Masseter Muscles Of The Jaw To Improve TMJ Pain And Soften The Jaw Line

Botox party’s can be accommodated. Botox can be given discreetly in your home for you and your friends. Contact us to learn more.

Dermal Fillers

  • Fillers, made of hyaluronic acid, are used to restore the volume in your face that is lost as we age.
  • Also, fillers can be placed in tear troughs and under eyes to help conceal under eye hollows and bagging that becomes more evident as we age

Micro needling

  • Micro needling uses a device with tiny needles that cause thousands of micro channels in your skin. This causes controlled micro-injuries to your skin that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process.
  • The result is effective remodeling of skin through increased blood flow and creation of new tissue.
  • Don't worry. A topical anesthetic is applied to your skin prior to the procedure so there is very little discomfort.
  • The best part, very little down time. You will need to keep your skin clean and without makeup for 24 hours after treatment but after that, make up can be worn and you may only notice increased skin dryness.
  • The entire procedure will take about 1 hour

Micro needling with PRP

otherwise known as a blood facial or "vampire facial"

  • This takes micro needling to the next level.
  • A small amount of your blood is drawn and then placed into a special centrifuge that separates and super concentrates your platelets. This super concentrated platelet solution is known as Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP
  • Platelets carry cells that are needed for cell growth and healing.
  • We use a top of the line centrifuge to concentrate your platelets to at least 6x the level found in whole blood
  • Once we create thousands of small micro channels in your skin with the micro needle, we apply PRP on top of the skin which can reach down into the deepest layers increasing the skin healing and regrowth for the ultimate glow.